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Combining Two passions: Horses and Art

Combining two of her passions, equestrian and art, Lisa Marie Bishop strives to capture the essence, energy, and power of horses onto canvas by employing abstract strokes indicating movement and grace.

Working in mixed media, including oil and acrylic, the self-taught painter is a commissioned artist with work in the collections of Olympic riders throughout the country. 
Lisa grew up riding horses in upstate New York. As an adult, she became a professional equestrian athlete where she competed through advanced as an FEI eventer until seven years ago, when she took up dressage. Under the tutelage of coach and trainer Michael Barisone, she is now an FEI dressage competitor and currently concentrating on bringing her young horses to the ring next year.

“My passion for horses spills into my painting,” Lisa said. “I don't paint the horse, I paint the energy and power I feel when I’m around them. I close my eyes and listen to the hoofbeats. I wake up thinking about horses, and go to bed the same way.

A former professional equestrian photographer, Lisa had to change direction when, at 24, she was diagnosed with Stargardt's disease which has caused her to become legally blind. Remarkably, although she cannot see faces, detail, and some color, she is still able to paint with incredible passion, skill and talent, making her a much sought-after artist, both within the equestrian world and elsewhere.


News and Updates

First Friday FilmScene

On November 2, 2018 " Urban Perspectives" was a huge success at FilmScene . Thank you to Jean Rude, The Stanley Art Museum of Iowa, and FilmScene for hosting the event. One of the reviews " This collection is not typical of the was New York through and through.  One could feel the energy of urban life, refreshing perspective. " 


Charlotte Dujardin and Lisa Marie

Pairing up for Brooke USA!

Congratulations Chris and Sarah Dorazio for placing the highest bid on  " Showstoppers" , an acrylic painting created exclusively for the NEDA Symposium .   Notecards depicting the same image sold out the morning of day 2, and gloves worn by Charlotte during the training sessions were sold "auction style"  to the packed stands. 

Limited Edition canvas prints are still available, check out the Shop for this print.  There were only 100 printed, and they are signed by the artist with a Certificate of Authenticity and number. 

A huge Thank You to Charlotte for her inspiring lectures and impeccable insight.  This symposium was highly educational, and her method for picking out and training the young horse was spot on and refreshing to hear.   I hope we are lucky enough to have her teach again, and I urge any goal oriented and dedicated rider to sign up whenever that opportunity comes our way again!

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