reviews and Testimonials

The collection at The Palmer House.

Megan Lau

My husband purchased one of Lisa Marie Bishops beautiful paintings for me for our 10th anniversary (Of course I had had my eye on it from the early posts on Lisa’s Facebook). I love  the way Lisa develops a painting, bringing life to each subject through color and movement. When Lisa posted updates on this particular painting I loved everything about it and knew it would fit perfectly in our home. When the painting was finished and became available, I immediately contacted Lisa and was thrilled to find out it was within our price range. I *hinted* to my husband that it would be the perfect anniversary gift to me and he made it happen. Lisa made it even more personal by naming it “The Anniversary”! It is still one of my favorite belongings and is proudly hung  in our sitting room. 

Kelly Wojtek

BEAUTIFUL WORK!!!! I received my art and was so impressed with how beautiful the print was. It was printed on canvas which is even more impressive. I was able to meet Lisa Marie during the World Cup and she is such a lovely, fun lady. I bought one more print during the World Cup, and am just about to go online to buy more as they are lovely in my home. The pictures online don't do justice to how lovely her work is, or how talented she is.

Nicole Dean

Lisa Marie first dazzled me with her artistry, then warmed my heart with her friendship, and finally when I didn’t think someone could be this talented and kind she topped it off by being a brilliant rider. I have five of her paintings that I adore, and if I could convince her to move to Las Vegas I would want her to be my trainer for all of my horses. She is a true talent, and a genuinely beautiful person.

Nikki Livermore

There's no words to describe the beauty of the painting and prints that are part of my home thanks to Lisa Marie Equestrian Art. The colors, style, and brush strokes are captivating and brilliant. They are simply breathtaking! I'm so happy to have the treasures in my home and such a wonderfully talented friend in my life. She is an artistic and charismatic inspiration to me. Thank you so much!

Jane Fucinaro ( The Dressage Foundation )

"Lisa Marie's work is truly one-of-a-kind, and captures the spirit and essence of horse and rider. She is a generous individual who is always willing to give back to the dressage community. Her personality and generosity show in her artwork!" 

Charlene Bertolini

"Have you ever gazed at a painting that instantly grabbed your soul?  Lisa Marie's art has that ability.  I saw a beautiful horse with a girl painting that so reminded me of my daughter.  It captured the love and connection between horse and rider.  Lisa Marie's paintings aren't a detailed piece of "photo" art, it is art that conveys the spiritual connection between horses and their riders.  My daughter is thrilled with the painting and had the same emotional reaction I did.  Such a talented artist, and we are fortunate she shares this gift with us.


Geri Hollander ( Markel Insurance)

There is something about Lisa's work that captivates the soul of a horse person. Each vignette tells a story. As a rider and horse owner, I find that story often strikes a personal chord. It is clear that Lisa's extensive equestrian background allows her to create paintings that truly depict all the joys and challenges of the sport. Each piece perfectly captures the emotion of the moment. I am fortunate to own three of her pieces, one of which was a commission. It is such a thrill to see my horse through her eyes. It was like she saw all the things about him that are special to me. Lisa has an amazing talent but perhaps her greatest gift is being one of the nicest people I know. Her light knows no boundaries. 

Kim Edwards

Love, love, LOVE the prints I received. The professional printing on the heavy-duty canvas is so impressive and made framing them very easy. They are even more gorgeous in person than any picture will show. My favorite today is "Because of You" but every time I check Lisa's new paintings I find another one that I love too!

Anne Cizadlo ( USDF Judge )

I have a custom painting by Lisa Marie Bishop. She did a painting of me and my horse doing a canter pirouette and it was immediately recognize-able, even though she paints in an abstract style, as me and my horse! I completely knew it was me and my horse instantly when I saw it even though I hadn’t seen it as it was being painted! She added the colors that I personally love and made it a completely customized work that I hang proudly in my living room and look at every day when I come home from the barn!! I love it!!

Gundi Younger

Lisa's painting beautifully captures the special relationship between a mare and her foal. I've hung her art in my barn in a place where I see it many times everyday. It's a beautiful piece and it makes me happy.


Tammy Cohron

Friends came back from the Omaha cup talking about this fantastic artist that had a booth there. In fact, one decided to have a commission piece done of she and her horse. After seeing the completed piece, I had to have one done as well. So I reached out to Lisa, and we talked about what I was wanting and all about my horse. My piece was underway. Once completed it was mailed off to me, this is something that I will cherish forever. Turned out beautiful!


Connie Kuusisto

Lisa Marie, I don’t know how you do it. Equestrian. Photographer. Artist. I know you don’t sleep much but still…  ��I am not a fine art critic. I’ve never studied art and I don’t have the language art aficionados would appreciate. I am an equine enthusiast, however, and as such, I can’t say enough about your work. I don’t know how paintings done in broad strokes with little attention to detail can elicit such strong feelings. When I view your paintings I FEEL the energy of the horse; I sense its’ willingness to please and its’ graceful athleticism. I feel my own horses and my connections to them. What a gift you have. Thank you for sharing.

Susan Barisone-Gilson

I have known Lisa Marie for many years now, as one of the warmest hearted humans I’ve ever met, as well as an incredible and honest horseperson. Her eye for photography stuns me, and her paintings leave me in awe of her gift. She is a truly special person among us

Carol Heckman

Lisa Marie recently took photos at our farm for our schooling show and our website.   They were outstanding!!!   I can’t recommend her highly enough! 

Lisa Dickman

Lisa Marie has a phenomenal ability to capture the essence of the emotion in the moment of what she is painting.  You get a sense that you are there, in that moment, feeling that emotion with every piece.  She carries that same feeling into riding her horses.  You can tell that she really feels what the horse needs in order to create a harmonious relationship between horse and rider. 

Blane Thompson

Lisa Marie is a talented woman.  She has a love for horses and people alike.  This comes out in her paintings and the connection she makes with those she has encouraged in her lessons.

I worked with Lisa as her farrier.  She has a great love for all those she comes in contact with.  Her laughter and enthusiasm are contagious.  As a teacher, this connection is easy to see. I have worked at a lot of barns and experienced many trainers, but nobody has as much fun as Lisa!

Lisa is as intent in her work with someone training for high levels of dressage and jumping as she is for youngsters getting their first taste of horses.  Her laughter can be heard through out the arena as she dances around with energy helping each and every student to fulfill their goals.

Her love of horses shines in her artwork as well.  The way she is able to capture the connection between horse and rider or the movement of horses is exquisite.  We have a painting that Lisa created of our beloved Arabian, Chester.  Even though she had never met Chester firsthand, she was able to capture his spirit with the strokes of her brush that we will cherish forever.